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Hey there! I’m Nathan Chen.

Queued Theory is an unapologetic push to get out of my own head through writing. I’m particularly interested in metaphors, worldviews, and inefficient markets—especially the ones that don’t look like markets.

(The name is also a play on “queueing theory“, the topic of my favorite course from college.)

I’m currently building something special at Free Agency, and previously facilitated workshops, reporting, and more for the portfolio at ConsenSys Labs. I’ve also done some organizational consulting for RadicalxChange and help run their New York City meetup.

You can find some of my previous writing on Medium (now deprecated). My search for meaning can be found on Twitter. I’d love to hear from you at nathanielchen8 (at)

Ten Second Bio

NYC resident, Seattle native.

Graduate of the University of Washington.

Favorite vacation spot: Taipei, Taiwan

Favorite writer: John Williams

Favorite musical artist: Coldplay

Something you may not know about me…

For the past year, I’ve been participating in a private goal-setting game called Mochi. In last quarter’s epoch, my purpose was to write every day.

I have a bi-weekly call with my friend and goal-partner Andrei, who lives in Thailand, to share stories and support.

The joyfulness of infinite play, its laughter, lies in learning to start something we cannot finish.

James Carse

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